Homeopathy in a Nutshell

What is this wonderful system of medicin actually about?

Homeopathy is a holistic therapy that addresses the “terrain”. This means a homeopath will work with your acquired or inherited predispositions rather than a named illness, because we treat the person and not the disease. A homeopath will give equal importance to your physical, emotional and mental state. Together with the patient, a homeopath will work on finding the pattern, “the red line” that runs through all those symptoms. The homeopathic prescription will be based on this pattern.

We work with highly diluted doses of remedies, so side-effects are minimal (hooray). Ironically, this is controversial. Mostly because we don’t know how exactly those highly diluted doses work. There is plenty of research going into this nowadays, helped by new technologies and new theories developed and the road is long and costly. Much more research into homeopathy is needed, as the balance of evidence so far suggests that homeopathy can be clinically effective. Should you happen to be looking for a way how to financially support moving our civilisation into the next stage of understanding energy medicine, do get in touch with the wonderful people at the HRI (Homeopathy Research Institute).

In the meantime, if you are sceptical, but curious to find out more, I can refer you to the high quality but small-scale clinical trials conducted over the last years, which are very promising indeed. Or you simply book a consultation with me or another homeopath and find out for yourself!

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