I am grateful to every single one of my patients for sharing their journey with me and for their commitment to thriving for a happier and healthier life for themselves and the people that surround them.

A lady who had IBS:

“I used to have problems with my stomach, which had really affected my professional and private life. My mental health suffered, as I couldn’t leave my house easily and I would always be stressed. Then my life completely changed when Nicole and I explored my symptoms, my eating habits, my life pattern and when she then gave me the appropriate remedy. The process happened very quickly, and after taking the pills for a few months I stopped having these problems. I have never felt this good before, now that I don’t have this stress in my life. I would definitely recommend her 100%.”

A young child who had
recurent otitis media:

“Nicole saw my little daughter as she used to have many ear infections from the age of 1 to 2 years. Nicole has great listening skills and asking the right questions in order to understand the personality of people and therefore give the right treatment to them. Effectively, since my daughter begun the treatment given by Nicole, she has never had any ear infection again. I highly recommend her as a homeopath.”

A breast cancer survivor:

“After an onslaught of treatment, it was wonderful to see Nicole who created a very safe space for me during our sessions. Nicole’s strength as a practitioner is her ability to really listen. She is calm, caring and wise – I trust her implicitly and I highly recommend seeing her. The remedies she prescribed after our sessions were very helpful. I loved the ‘whole person’ approach of homeopathy that Nicole introduced me to and I consider seeing Nicole an essential part of my recovery and wellness.”

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